Brazilian Attorney Wins Tupelo Elvis Tribute Artist Competition

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Jessica Hollinger


The 17th annual Tupelo Elvis Festival names Brazilian
attorney, Diogo Leichtweis (Di Light), as their Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA)
Winner.  In this weekend’s competition, ETA’s represented over six states
and three foreign countries. This marks the second year an international
contestant will represent the city of Tupelo in Memphis, Tennessee for the
Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition. The competition will take place
in August during the celebration of Elvis Week.

Kevin Mills from New Jersey placed second in the competition and Jake
Rowley from Texas placed third. In the event that Di Light cannot represent
Tupelo in Memphis, the runner-up will take his place.

The Tupelo Elvis Festival is an annual event that is attended by over
10,000 visitors worldwide.  It is a music festival that brings locally and
internationally known artists and fans to Tupelo. The four day festival
takes place the first weekend of June each year.

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